Freaky Doll Costume Design

Halloween 2012

This costume I made for my Daughter for Halloween 2012 turned out fantastic. I love that it’s just a little creepy, not over-the-top horrific.

I’ve been told it made a classmate scream, because she is deathly afraid of dolls.

Grinning Empress Halloween Costumes +1 Store bought costume -1

Costume 2012

Make it Yourself:

1    Pair XL Stockings White      –> Cut the legs off, save them for the arms.

The “face” is made from the “Butt” part of the stockings. Sew the leg holes shut so they won’t gap open when you put your mask on. Determine the placement of the eyes by putting the mask on the subject (or yourself) and draw circles around the eyes so that the 1 inch or so hole in the “Button Eyes” will be in the right places.


2 5-gallon Water bottle lids    –> Cut or drill the center out so the holes are about an inch across, then drill holes every quarter-inch around the edge. Drill 4 more holes at equal points around the eye-holes and spray-paint the “buttons” to whatever color works for your doll. Use yarn or twine as X sewing marks like when you sew an actual button onto something. For little kids skip this step.

Sew the “Buttons” onto the Mask following your markings. The stocking is stretchy so this takes a bit of patience. I used clear thread for this.

NOTE: Only once the buttons are attached firmly do you cut the stocking fabric away from the buttons so you can really see through it.

1  Halloween Doll Wig  –> I don’t make wigs. I’m never gonna try. Unless I do – unlikely…

Put the Mask on. Put on the wig. Draw a mouth with a fabric pen. (I used a sharpie and it stank)

Put the saved legs on your arms, with the heels at your thumbs for most comfort. Add the last step:

1    Outfit for your “Doll”–> I don’t sew anything people will have to wear. Sorry. Not my gig. Just dress your “Doll” however you want.

*This costume works best indoors or in temperate climates because the colder your climate,

the more condensation will build up at the nose and mouth, which is nasty*


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