Haunting River Woman

Haunting River Woman Sculpture

Walking along the river at Paddlewheel Park, in Prince George, BC, back in June 2005 we spotted this piece of art on the riverbed. I don’t know who made her, or why, but this sculpted mask made us think about a lot of complex emotions, and that’s what art is really about isn’t it?


She’s less Haunting as a photo
Grinning Empress July 2012

We believe in “Finders Keepers” under circumstances that the owners are likely never coming back. In this case, the water level on the river was really low, so much so that we were nearly in the middle of the riverbed, when I looked down and saw her moaning back at me.

I picked her up and took her home. She moved with us a few times, until I hung her in my greenhouse, because I had the feeling that she needed somewhere peaceful. For a few years that worked well enough for me.

One day the Marshmallow Kid said “Mom, she looks so sad. I think she needs to go back to the river, she’s like a lost spirit.” I asked my MAME Man and the Cheeky Princess and we all agreed that she had been placed or thrown in the river by someone who meant for her to stay there.

SO we all headed back to Paddlewheel Park, to about the same place on the edge of the river, because the water was too high to put her right back where we found her. We said some blessings and prayers, asking that whoever left her there has found peace, and threw her back in.

Somehow, we all felt better about it on the way home. Have you got any stories like this that you’d like to share?


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