Barkerville’s Animals

Barkerville Cat

Barkerville Cat

First off… In the Grinning Empress’ opinion, Barkerville BC is the most awesome historical site in BC.

But what you don’t really pay attention to are the animals that are in the park.

The cat pictured above is their full-time mouser, and is free to roam in and out of the display buildings at its leisure.

Then there’s the squirrels. At least I hope it’s a squirrel in the picture, but if I’m wrong, by all means, tell me and I’ll fix it. 😉

The Marshmallow Kid Feeds a Squirrel

The Marshmallow Kid Feeds a Squirrel

If you go, be sure to buy a bag of peanuts at the candy store right inside the park. There are signs everywhere saying don’t feed the wildlife, but I’m sorry, how many times in their lives will kids have a chance to hand-feed a rodent?

Barkerville Horses Work!

Barkerville Horses Work!

The Cheeky Princess promised to hold on tight so the Marshmallow Kid wouldn’t fall off. They both agree… Carriage rides are the most fun ever.

And the scariest animals we saw in the park? Ourselves. After a miserable, sleeting downpour. The kids saw a “river” running straight through the middle of main street, and I just let them go running.

Smile? Or trapped animal baring it's teeth?

Smile? Or trapped animal baring its teeth?

We were freezing cold, soaked to the bone, and having a blast. We were caught on camera by a fellow tourist. I often say that when it comes to parenting, you gotta smile, because you might go crazy otherwise.


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