Hot Dam, Cheslatta Falls is Purdy!

Cheslatta Falls

It’s human nature to want to get away from people for a while. My husband, the MAME Man gets away by going on solo hikes into places people generally just don’t bother to go to. The picture above is from the campsites at Cheslatta Falls, near the Kenny Dam site in Northern BC.

Cheslatta Falls July 2012
Cheslatta Falls July 2012

This is the place that I like to stop at, have lunch and then go for the easy  2 KM or so hike along a ridge, and past some dugouts indicating where the native camp once was. It’s a nice smooth hike, and almost anyone can do it. But you know, that’s just not challenging enough for my MAME Man.

This is much more the kind of hike he likes to take. This is where I draw the line. I like paths.

No Really! He likes this terrain.
No Really!
He likes this terrain.

He likes to go to places where you just don’t want to even try climbing to. He also gets to see views like this one, snapped from where he was lying in his tent. I’m not even sure where exactly this is, just that it’s somewhere between the Kenny Dam and Cheslatta Falls.


Or this one, in which I find my inspiration to climb is barely crushed by my fear of heights.

He said it's steep there. 3:)


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