Made By Lisa

Made By Lisa

Purses. Yeah, Purses, and a whole lot more. That’s what you find in “Made By Lisa” I can’t say enough good things about the lady who sews the things I’m about to show you.

Grandmothers Wedding Dress

Grandmothers Wedding Dress!

I asked Lisa what made her decide to “Up-cycle” suits and dresses into handbags. She said “Do you remember what your  Grandpa smelled like or remember him wearing a certain suit for every event in his life?” Yes. I get it. And her idea is awesome. She has plenty of stock ready for sale too.

I bought myself this one!

I bought myself this one!

I really liked this one, and I dropped the largest most obvious and painful hints on my MAME Man that it would make a great Christmas Present. It wasn’t enough to post a link on his Facebook saying “Buy me this” So I bought it for myself!

I get comments from strangers all the time, and have taken to having a stack of “Made by Lisa” business cards in my purse to give away. You can go to her Facebook page by clicking on any of the pictures, clicking HERE, or send an email to

Horse Boots... Gotta love shoes!

Horse Boots…
Gotta love shoes!

I know nothing about horses, but I can only imagine what it would be like to try to get them to stay still to soak their hooves. Why someone wants to soak their horses foot, I have no idea, but this thing looks like the ticket!

I am gonna quote Lisa:

“These are horse foot soaking boots. Designed to safely tighten around pastern and cannon bones while containing a soak for the horse’s foot. It holds on even if the horse takes a step.”

*Shameless Awesomicity Booster ALERT*

I think anyone who wants to donate portions of their profits to charity deserve a HUGE shout out! “Made by Lisa” has a line of insulin pump bands that are WAY less expensive than the brand name ones you find out there.  Made by Lisa gives $3.00 from EVERY band she sells to JDRF.

(Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation was too long, they re-branded a while back)

Making having a pump a little less sucky... one kid at a time

Making having a pump a little less sucky… one kid at a time.

Dads Dig Green! ;-)

Dads Dig Green! 😉

One last note, “Made by Lisa” has the best customer service plan in the world. She will custom make whatever you want. Then if a button falls off, or a zipper gets stuck, or you decide you want to make the straps longer or shorter, she will do it. For like, FOREVER. It’s because of this that I decided to commission my stepsister a diaper bag that Daddies can be seen in public with.


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