Deer Me!

Oh Deer Me.

Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer…

I have gotten back in the habit of keeping my camera in the car. I took these pictures in about 1/2 an hour the day before Fathers Day 2013. I was just across the road (and on the other side of my truck) from this Doe. My MAME Man was frustrated that I didn’t want him to walk up and pose with her, but I’ve seen way too many “When Animals Go Bad” type videos to approve of such actions.


One of these Bucks is a Butt-Head

These guys were a lot farther away. I only saw 2 Bucks to start with, but when you look again, the butt-head in the back gets more obvious. Pushmi-Pullyu Much?


Near Birch Bay Resort on Francois Lake BC

I wish I had a chance to know what the “velvet” on their budding antlers feels like, but again, I’d need a tranquilizer gun to do it safely. I love that we Northerners can get so close to nature!


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