Red Necked Grebe


Red-Necked Grebe
June 2012

Fraser Lake, BC is known as “White Swan Capital of BC” and while I’ve never managed to get any of the swans on film yet, I did get these 2 wicked good shots of a Red-Necked Grebe. I’m gonna boast that the pictures I used to identify it were not as good as mine. Yes, a shameless up-sell.


Red-Necked Grebe
Nest had 4 eggs in total
June 2012

But here’s the real kicker… I got a shot of her with her eggs! I never went back to see if she and her eggs survived, but they were about 10 feet from shore next to a busy road. If you want a print of this shot, comment below, or click the link to go to my Facebook page and message me.


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