Sharon’s Photography


Connaught Hill is pretty taken from the bottom up.

They cut that tree down. Sad Face.

NO. Really.

I climbed that tree when I was 19 to prove I could still do it. I’m really glad Sharon of Sharon’s Photography got this shot before it got chopped.

I am amazed by this woman’s ability to take such tight shots of Eagles.

On her Facebook page there’s a picture of her sitting within a couple of feet of one. (Click HERE to see it)


Eye to eye with an Eagle.

*Shameless Awesomicity Booster ALERT*

Sharon is a cancer survivor, so she supports the Canadian Cancer Society, and has participated in fundraising with the Terry Fox Run for 26 years! It seems I’m collecting Relay For Life participants too, as Sharon and her team “TEAM DILLER” raised $17,500.00 in their very first year.

Anyone who can help support causes like that deserve a shout-out.

You can contact Sharon at 250-596-3437, on Facebook, or at


I love bridges too.
Especially when they make really cool geometric patterns in their construction.

I saved this one of the ship for last because I actually felt calm after looking at it.

Maybe it’s how calm the water is, maybe it’s the scene itself.

I don’t know. I just like it, and that’s what this blog is all about.



The Day after I started writing this, (Wednesday) Sharon sold 4 prints of her photographs, and is in the process of making Blank Inside / All Occasion Cards to sell too. Lets’ see if I have to update again before Sunday 😉


It’s Friday now, and I have an update after all.

Sharon has sold a total of 6 prints and 11 of the cards she had made. Way to go Sharon!


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