Happy Canada Day!


We Stand On Guard For Thee

Canada Day is special to me. Everyone should get out and do something at their local events.

I particularly love Canada Day at Fort George Park for its international flair!

(and the train of course –> it’s free to ride on Canada Day!)

Dominion Day Celebrations at Hubble Homestead, Ft. St. James Heritage site (they have Chicken Races. Yes,  I said Chicken Races) and Barkerville are a fun way to expose kids to history and non-electronic games at the same time. The Marshmallow Kid learned to play marbles!

Now, I especially like the RANT commercial for Molson Canadian, and a song by Classified.  I’m not usually going to put up stuff like that on this site, but I haven’t got any local artists for Canada Day specifically so I’m going to use them anyway. Anyone who is offended, enjoy being offended.

OH, and obviously, I don’t own either of these videos, I’m just spreading the love.

Oh Canada, we’ve got great stuff eh?

I spent the summer in Osoyoos the year this commercial came out. Everyone on the beach were shouting it at the top of their lungs… Except a foursome in the middle of it all. One had an American Flag on his jacket, and they all looked a little nervous. It was especially amusing to me as my family is both Canadian and American. Canada Day was always overshadowed by4th of July.


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