woodhenge 003About 8 years before I met the MAME Man, (which was somewhere between 14 and 16 years ago) he used a couple of beers, a bunch of old, washed up on shore, waterlogged poles and a patch of beach on one of the Haida Gwaii Islands to make his own version of Stonehenge. He was visiting his folks and just had to leave his mark.

Woodhenge 002Here’s another picture of it, from another angle. I was told later that the islanders thought it was a sort of ritual place. I just love how someone spending a day doing something random usually ends up with some spooky story attached. Artists are always seeming to be misunderstood.

Woodhenge 001

I find this picture somehow soothing,
I can practically taste the salty air.

I think that “Wood-Henge” as it came to be known, was eventually torn down, I’ve certainly never seen it myself, but I’ll take comfort in the fact that it caused people to make up stories. I love stories, and storytellers belong in a circle on the beach. All this place needed was a fire pit in the center. Maybe one day, we will all visit the place Wood-Henge was, and maybe even resurrect it. 🙂


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