MAME MAN’s Passion

The MAME Man is a total video-game junky. He’s kept games on old-fashioned floppy disk until no computer ever had those drives.

Finally, he has found a project that he is passionate about.


Control Board Mark 1

He’s been building a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator for almost a year. It’s taken a lot of research, patience, ($) and he’s never really going to be done. It’s like a project car, except it’s got a TV attached.

Oh, and it’s awesome. 😉

arcadeasylum (2)

He’s 6 feet tall, and he built it to his specs.
I need a stool to stand on while I play.

He’s been adding bells and whistles to this baby, in the picture above, we had to hook it up to the TV in the living room to play games, and DUDE, the games are amazing, I have no idea where they came from, but it is really satisfying to kick butt in Pacman, with a real controller.


MAME “Cabinet” As of August 2013
It works as a video juke box too!

It’s not “art” in the normal sense, but I figured you all might want to know what’s up with the name “The MAME Man”

He’s been dying to show it off 😉



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