All Hands On Deck

995106_10151511330222060_1414925285_nSummertime needs projects. To keep Mom sane. This picture came out of a major fluke wherein I refused to get frustrated when The Marshmallow Kid took one of the sheets I was painting for a float.

He and his little cousins and The Cheeky Princess all got into the paint and started filling the empty space with hand-prints. I gave in to childish delight and encouraged the kids to fill up as much or as little of the space that they wanted to, and in the end, I was impressed with how good it looks.

I might let them turn it into a flag for a fort, or maybe stretch it over a frame like a canvas and put it in the family room. I’m not sure, but I love things that are accidentally awesome. I really expected them to turn it into one big mushy brownish puddle, but they were very dutiful in their print-making.

Did you notice that the one black hand-print has 8 fingers? The Marshmallow Kid thought he needed to be “inclusive” in case there were any 8-fingered aliens out there 😉


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