Rosewoods Diary

I first heard Rosewoods Diary about 3 years ago.  They describe themselves as folk/indie and they have a huge variety of instruments to make the sound happen. I figure anyone who can play an accordion or harmonica or even a Bass cello (those things that look like violins for the Hulk) has got a flair for the dramatic!


Imagine holding this up to your chin 😉

They have a Bare Naked Ladies or maybe Blues Traveler kinda of sound. I’m sure I haven’t heard everything they’ve done, but I get the impression that they try to keep their music uplifting.

DSC05891They’ve had some great news over the last year, including back in November when Daybreak North on CBC chose to have their song “Hey Shame” as the new theme song for their broadcasts.

418184_10150644985991950_143802078_nClick the pic to hear their latest song “My Darling Victoria”

They’ve played Coldsnap, a music festival in Prince George each January, and they were at the Smithers Midsummer Music Festival in July. This weekend they are at the Kispiox Valley Music Festival.

In fact, they are onstage from 2-2:30, If you read this today and are close enough, go check them out!


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