Road Trip!


Chrome… shiny, beautiful chrome…

The MAME Man and I spent this weekend driving halfway down the province to Cache Creek and quickly made our way back North. We visited the Hat Creek Ranch historical site, took a walk along the edge of a CHASM aptly named “Chasm” took pictures at a “Gas Station” in 70 Mile House, hiked up to the lookout tower on Mount Begbie and climbed down a crazy steep cliff to get to the bottom of Mahood Falls, getting soaking wet in the process. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

But First…

I love the look of chrome on old cars. I’ve got another nice pic of an OLD car on another page HERE. More than that, I like to take pictures of parts of cars from angles you wouldn’t normally see. I especially like it when I can take a picture that doesn’t need “touch-ups” and am actually a bit of a snob about it. I like seeing the beauty of real life.

I’ve been told that I have to make a logo for myself and make sure I “stamp” each picture I put up on this site with it so no-one can steal my pictures. I see the logic of this, and plan to do it in the future, but in the meantime, I’m depending on the fact that my site is still small, and people are honest!

If you love the pictures like I do, you can go ahead and share them, but please, gimme a shout out. If you want a wicked big awesome print of it for yourself and wanna help make it easier for me to keep taking pictures, be sure to contact me here or on my Facebook page!

To all of you beautiful, creative, free-spirited people who like visiting my page, have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Road Trip!

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