Hairdressing is an art!

I promise that this is going to be the only hairdressing post I put up. Because my hairdresser is an artiste’. The only person I let Cut, Dye and Style my hair is an amazing woman named Teresa at A Cut Beyond in Fraser Lake.


The whole family gets their hair done by Teresa

A typical visit starts with a conversation like “I wanna chop it all off at the roots.” to which Teresa responds, “Nope. Not gonna do it.” –> I can not tell you how many times she has saved me from myself.

67732_442089312059_5420490_nWhat I really like is I can bring her zany ideas like “I want Medusa hair for Halloween” and hand her a fistful of rubber snakes, she doesn’t even flinch, she just gets to work making my head into a work of art.

32373_10152251617240078_638009689_nThen there was the day I discovered the “Victory Roll” hairdo. So I had to have her do it for me, with blue hair of course.

Side note: The Cheeky Princess just walked in, is reading over my shoulder, says “You’re doing a post about Teresa? Cool. I love her”

SAMSUNGThe Marshmallow Kid is nearly impossible to keep still, especially when Teresa has a shaver close to his skin. He giggles and wiggles, but somehow Teresa keeps her cool and manages to give him a cut that looks good. Is the candy at the end what makes him love her so? Nope, he thinks she’s just about the nicest lady in town.

I’ve heard from other people that she is fantastic for straightening treatments, Perms, wedding and grad hairdo’s, waxing, and a myriad of other Salon type things.  If you live anywhere near Fraser Lake, go give her a try. Teresas Place

Google Maps doesn’t seem to put the address up properly, so I added a cute little star to the capture. The real address of  A Cut Beyond is 65 Endako Avenue, Fraser Lake, BC. Phone to book an appointment 250-699-0055.


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