Mahood Falls, BC

This is an easy hike to get to but the trail-head is a long drive off Highway 97 near 100 Mile House, BC. It’s worth it, because even the drive is very pretty, and there are two waterfalls.

Mahood Falls is half a Kilometer in, on a wide, relatively smooth path. I don’t know if you would want to try to take a wheelchair in, because it’s got a lot of roots and things popping up through the soil, and there are some steep-ish inclines.

Respect their advice.

You always respect the warning signs.

It’s a beautiful walk, and the amount of shadows cast makes it a lot cooler than the beaches at the surrounding lakes. We continued on the path to Canim Falls, which I’m saving for another post, because that was the REAL adventure!

Side Note: They have an outhouse at the trail-head which was handy, cuz it’s a long drive off the highway, but this is not a place one would want to try to camp at. 🙂


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