Hands up, Baby Hands up!

DSC07187One of the best things about having to go back and forth on trips alone is the opportunity to stop whenever and wherever I want. I have driven past this particular spot on Highway 97, about 5KM North of 100 Mile House, about a million times.

Oh, I’m sure it’s much closer to a mere, 100 times, but I always find myself staring at it, and finally decided to stop and take pictures. I’m learning to just take time for myself these days, and if it means pulling over for a moment while other drivers stare at me, why not? After all, these days, cheap thrills are very fulfilling!

I always wonder, was it lightning? An angry Beaver caught in a grass-fire? Someone with just too much time on their hands? (Yeah, I went there) I’m certain I will never know. Now the people driving by in a rush “to make time” may find themselves glancing over and wondering too. And that is my favorite gift to the world, making people see things a little differently 😀

DSC07188Tell me you don’t feel like it’s reaching out to shake hands with the cosmos…


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