Thoughts for Life

I wrote this poem in 1998 after being criticized for sitting with my back against a wall at a Mall in Prince George. I was tired, my feet were so sore I could hardly walk, and I had a choice. Get angry back, cry, or transform that hurt into something else.

I chose to express myself.



Thoughts for Life

Sometimes when the world seems ready to crash down on you,

Remember there are people who care about you.

When you know nothing could make your life worse,

Things can only get better.

When your heart aches for someone to prove they believe in you,

They will only show it in small ways.

When you feel so downtrodden that you only want to sleep,

That’s the day you find the most peaceful place.

Sometimes a tragedy will strike,

And a flower grows out of the shit left behind.

When the air you breathe feels like sandpaper in your throat,

Your mind turns to fresh country air.

When the sounds around you are nothing but noise pollution,

You hear a sweet classical ballad.

When you see nothing but greed and corruption,

Remember generosity and truth

When family members rant and rave,

Think only of the good times, like Thanksgiving Day.

When you feel terribly hurt and lonely,

There’s always someone to talk to, even a stranger off the street.

When your feet have been pounding the pavement all day,

Sit down, even if it’s in the most inappropriate place.

When you feel like you don’t own your own body,

Take it back, even if it hurts.





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