1 Log, 3 Persp3ctives.

When I started this blog, my first post was about changing the way I looked at things. As such I’ve decided to dedicate my Monday stories to seeing things from a different point of view. I look forward to many more, and welcome suggestions for future Monday 1 _______, 3 Persp3ctives stories.

I came across this fallen log on the path to Canim Falls, which is a little further on the trail from Mahood Falls. Perspective 1 is the sight we all notice when taking a hike. Most of us stop there, but I love texture. So I took the “Encompassing View”

DSC07012For some reason, I really liked the way it looks like something has been digging at it, while leaving the rest of the log intact.

The next one is from about 3 feet away when I noticed the little plant growing in the middle of the broken wood. The leaves are waxy looking and the green was so much more vibrant than the picture shows.DSC07013

Then I got really close, and had set the camera to “close up” so I could record the texture of the fibers of the wood chips. I really like the colour of the wood in this photo, and I rely on natural light as often as possible. I fully admit to hating the flash settings. The light is just sooo UN-natural!



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