Bijoux Falls

I admit it, I love love love waterfalls.

The sound, the look, the cool mist… so here’s another one! Bijoux Falls is right off Highway 97 in the Pine Pass about 8KM before Powderking Ski Resort.

DSC05485I never even knew it was there, but after listening to The Cheeky Princess and The Marshmallow Kid fight for what felt like a million years, I had to pull over somewhere and let them run some of that energy off. Just about the time I was ready to give up and let them run back and forth on the shoulder, the sign for Bijoux Falls Provincial Park rose up like a beacon of serenity.

We got out and were treated to this vision.

DSC05483I’m sure it goes way further up the hills, but they’re fenced off like most parks are, to save yahoos from themselves. My family is like mountain goats, and given the challenge, will climb anything that strikes our fancy, as long as it’s relatively safe. This would have been an easy one for us, but we were on a limited time budget, and one thing we learned a long time ago was not to go climbing when sunset is just around the corner. We refuse to make headlines for the wrong reasons!

As always, Have a Great Day, and be good to each other!


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