Losing My Temper

I have no photos for you today. What I have is a RANT…

After a ton of fun trying to log into my WordPress account today, caused by an issue with my password, I realize it’s not my typing skills that are the problem. It’s not that someone hacked my account, or my computer. It’s not that my wireless keyboard is out of batteries, I check every time things get twitchy.

It’s the family. They absolutely don’t understand how frustrating it is to be doing some typing, and suddenly your computer spits out 11 i’s before finally getting unstuck and when you try to delete some of them you lose a whole paragraph.

I clean my house A LOT. There should be no reason for my keyboard to stick all the time. I dust it! I really do! I even use that spray can full of air. (Seriously, what could be more frustrating than PAYING FOR AIR)

The sad fact is that my woes are caused by a proliferation of sticky fingers, random chip chunks, and soda being spilled on the keyboard. We all see the signs at school saying “No Food or Drinks” in the computer lab. HECK, the MAME Man has even trained as an MCSA (tech speak for Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) and has been paid to fix this sort of problem for other people. Why then do they continue to use the keyboard with jam on their digits? I think it’s a conspiracy to make me lose my mind.

OK… I think this rant can officially be over. Good luck with your own tech issues today. I’m gonna go watch poor little hungry kids in Ethiopia and remind myself that maybe I’m lucky I have a sticky keyboard.

As always, be good to each-other, and Have a Great Day!


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