Gas prices N Hood Ornaments

DSC06968There was a point in time when I was about 17 that I had a gas guzzling pickup truck that I LOVED DRIVING.

The picture above, from the same “Archival Gas Station” that I got the picture of that awesome Pontiac from the story “Road Trip” a few weeks ago shows prices of 55 and 58 CENTS per GALLON! That converts to roughly 14.5 cents per Litre. I never ever saw that price, but I do remember a gas war in Prince George where the gas price got to about 37 cents a Litre. I drove around a lot that week because I could. My 20 bucks went for hours!


My old truck wasn’t this old…
But I would have been in love if it had been 😉

It’s the nature of the nostalgia of just driving for the fun of it that drives me to show off a couple more photos of old cars.


Another angle of that sweet Pontiac

I admit I really do love hood ornaments. Old, new, Chevy, Ferrari, I really don’t care.

Have you got a good junkyard or old field full of cars? Lemme know, maybe you can be inspiration for future stories!


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