Alberta Road Trip

DSC07295Last week I got to go on another road trip! I spent 4 days driving with a good friend, who was awesome enough to stop the car whenever I wanted! I only insisted on getting out of the car once or twice for shots of the Alberta views. I also spent some time doing “Drive-By” photos at 110KM per hour. The Red Barn above is somewhere between Alix and Camrose. I thought “OH, ICONIC! RED BARN!” CLICK!

Next, I wanted to show everyone what I always thought Alberta prairies were supposed to look like: CLICK! (Yes, blurry, at 110KM – And through a window)

DSC07296 I happen to really like the solitary silence this picture invokes.

It has that “Vanishing Point” awesomicity I love about straight lines.


And then there was the time that I DID ask my friend to stop, I’d seen this perfect, Red, ICONIC shaped Grain Elevator. I was so focused on it that I didn’t even see this beautiful windmill across the highway.

“Aren’t you going to take a picture of the windmill?” they asked “What windmill?” They were laughing by then, “THAT ONE!” pointing at it, I felt pretty silly that I didn’t even see it! So of course CLICK!

DSC07331 Now aint that purdy?

I kinda love that the trees and the top of the shed are the same height.


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