Everyday Items from Hat Creek Ranch

DSC06844Old things that belonged to people that used them every day intrigue me. Old eyeglasses, hairbrushes, ashtrays… the list goes on and on. I caught myself imagining how many times the owner of these glasses would have taken them off, cleaned them with a handkerchief and replaced them. The MAME Man used to do it so often I found myself annoyed with him. He got his eyes lasered and now finds himself complaining that bugs fly in his eyes when he’s riding his bike. HA! Now you know why I wear sunglasses when I ride!

DSC06855This thing really interested me too. Kinda creepy, but what the heck was it? It’s an ashtray! The miners would not want to waste their tobacco, so they would use the “wings” as a rest between puffs, but when they were ready to butt out, they stuck the burning end into the mouth and press that little button at the bottom, it cuts the cherry off and they save the remaining tobacco. It’s actually pretty genius. I imagine it would have cut down on accidental fires as well!



2 thoughts on “Everyday Items from Hat Creek Ranch

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