Whisper DeMoss

1233372_10151594704832060_222345709_nI met another writer/artist a couple weeks ago while visiting “The Butlers Market” on 4th Avenue in Prince George. Her name is Whisper DeMoss and she has published 2 books, and I think there may be at least one other. I admit, I wasn’t paying full attention to what she was saying because I was staring at this:


That’s a WASP NEST!

Yes, that neat deer-hide leather mask she made is attached to an actual wasp nest. I was both horrified that the nest is a foot across, and amazed that it looks so cool.

1187256_10151594701292060_1405116908_nWhisper and her husband make drums, leather masks and walking sticks, and have lots of little trinket things scattered amongst her “store” at the market.

I think this walking stick is one of the coolest things she had there!

1185703_10151594704267060_437023022_nReally, look at that serene face…


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