1 Thing, 3 Perspectiv3s: Onions Have Layers

I have a confession that will come as no surprise for some of you. I love onions. I love onions so much that I have been known to eat them like apples. Which isn’t so bad if they’re Walla Walla sweet onions but is kinda insane otherwise.

526534_10151608619772060_1172055809_nLove them as tall stalks of green onions, small pickled little pearl onions, or just a plain old yellow cooking onion. I grew the onions above in my garden this year. I realized after the fact that I really should have planted about 8 times the amount.

539044_10151608620142060_1216568361_nI feel bad for anyone who comes into contact with me for the 2 days after eating an onion, because the smell comes out on my breath, in my sweat, it’s really pretty awful. I know this fact, and I really try to not give in to the onion cravings, but I still do it.


little spears of green

I even like the shape of onions. Not quite spherical, Not quite a teardrop. The papery sound of the dry onion skin as you peel it off. I’ve said too much! Later folks!

I want to know what you’re interested in. Leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do to bring what you wanna see to my 1 ___ 3 Perspectiv3s posts. 🙂


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