Cheeky Princess Self Portrait

Kids are very creative. When I heard “I’m bored!” from The Cheeky Princess the other day my only option was to exasperatedly say “Go draw a self portrait. There, boredom averted.” So she drew and painted this.


That happy little kitty with the wings is chasing her halo. She is the kitten I will be amusing you with on Sunday. The kids were devastated.

The mountains with the highway and the giant sun represent the Okanagan where she was born. The circular ring shape above the trees is her idea of how wormholes in space might work if they were real. Yeah, Huge science fiction fans in my family.  My Dad was an absolutely HUGE fan of them, then it rubbed off on me. I guess I am passing it along too. 🙂

I was a bit concerned about the giant fire with the jack-o-lantern until she explained that it represents the bonfire our town puts on for us every Halloween. There is something really awe-inspiring about a 15 foot diameter fire with a couple hundred people milling about. (Can you tell I like Halloween in my little town)

The cheeky princess likes cats, so she drew herself at her desk trying to fill page after page with song lyrics, stories, and comic books. The cats of course are demanding her attention.

She wanted to include the Tricycle because it reminded her of Christmas. The basket is for going on picnics, one of our favorite activities. She told me that the trees were to represent the forests of Northern BC, except for the one with the star, which obviously is about Christmas.

I think this is probably a better self portrait than most of us would have drawn given the task. I will have to remember The Cheeky Princess’ technique of showing us who she really is.


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