BISON BONE Macabre’ Halloween Decoration

Warning: The following Halloween Art Project might really offend some people and or scare them because I use real reclaimed bones and skulls from Bison.

My Grandfather raised Bison and because of that I love them. The bones I use are all collected from his farm after the ants clean off any tissue. The bones bleached in the sun for several years, and are therefore clean and not at all smelly. I see this Art project as a way of keeping his memory close during my favorite holiday.

I bet you’re dying to see the thing by now.


I cut off the picture too short, but the white strings hang down around a piece of Rebar that I painted black. In the dark, with a light shining up at it, it’s freaking awesome and looks like it’s floating in the air.

SO HOW did I make it?

First I needed it to be as portable as possible while still being solid and heavy enough to not steal. (I had a group of teens steal a fairy mannequin once from my door, and I’ve been bitter about it ever since… Boo To YOU fairy stealing people!)

So I took a Christmas Tree stand, filled it with a concrete mix (Really wish I had mixed it with sand and gravel, would have been able to make 3 of these bases) and immediately submerged the bottom of an 8 foot tall piece of Rebar into it. I made the bottom into a J shape so it wouldn’t ever work it’s way loose from the concrete. Be sure to square the bar so it comes out of the center of the concrete base and is perfectly straight up.

After that, (And after the whole thing dries and cures, about a week) Thread one small Hose Clamp onto the Rebar, but don’t do it up just yet, instead take a few pieces of rope, or yarn, or in my case, a few pieces of an old ugly string mops threads (This was by far the smelliest  part of my project, but I liked the way it looked) Place the clamp about 2 feet from the top of the Rebar and tighten it up.

Next, Thread the rib bones and spine on, I threaded the Rebar right THROUGH the spine in this case. I was lucky and this is just one big chunk I found that was still holding together. Add one more small hose clamp for the next section… attaching the SKULL. (creepy)

I wrapped a Tonne of Tuck Tape around the top of the Rebar, almost the size of a softball, and then placed the skull on the very top. Place it exactly the way you want then thread wire through the natural openings in the nasal cavity and around the Rebar, through the eye sockets if you want, threading it through the top Hose Clamp a few times and pull it all tight, then pull some more and finally tighten the hose clamp so the whole assembly stays put.

After that I wired an old Rock Star wig to the skull and put the “Cones” on the dried out horns so he’d look really sinister. I have toyed with the idea of putting red LEDs in his sockets this year but I will see how I feel about it later.

That’s it. I imagine a person could do a similar monster out of plastic bones from the store.

Happy Halloween!


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