Grande Prairie Artist Calvin Cornish

I walked into the farmers market in Grande Prairie, knowing I’d find something amazing. I found Calvin Cornish. His art is diverse and beautiful.


 This really caught my eye.

He had a lot of prints as well as originals of his art and was selling them. I’m a starving artist type so I was too broke to be able to give him what he should deserve for his art. Instead I said if he was kind enough to let me take pictures of his artwork, I’d get to look at it all the time, and all the people who read my blog would be able to see his work too. 🙂

When he agreed I started taking pictures all over the place!


This is the kind of art you find in the book.

Then he handed me a copy of his book

“Gone Wild: A collection of pencil art by Peace Region artist Calvin Cornish”

 TriptichThese are actually all the same height, but I couldn’t crop them exactly right without altering the photos.

Calvin, thank you so much for letting me share your art with my readers!

Find Calvin Cornish at the Farmers Market in Grande Prairie every

Friday and Saturday, or phone him at (780) 814-7053


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