Lightbulb Moment

I have a confession for you today.


I am obsessed with light-bulbs. I have studied them, for lighting tone and efficiency. I like to look at the old light-bulbs that were not mass produced, and even those that are.

I am currently (chuckle, yeah, I went there) in love with LED bulbs. The energy savings make them worth looking into, especially if you are like me and would replace old bulbs and CFLs when I move from house to house. I haven’t used an old fashioned, 99 Cent Woolworth special in years. I loved the “colour” of them, but I hated the heat they produced.

I’ve recently found a new LED bulb that I love. Love. LOVE! I bought them as a 3 pack from Costco, and the light they produce is fantastic. They look good in the vanity mirror in the bathroom (The spiral CFLS look cheap if you do that with them 😉 ) I hear they are dim-able, but I don’t have a dimmer to try it out with. I ended up going back and buying 3 more packs, and my besty went in and bought two packs of her own! I just might write to them and ask for “Free Samples” in exchange for naming them here on The Grinning Empress.


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