Sugar, Sugar…

I blew The Marshmallow Kids mind the other day.

DSC08523As many of you know, The Marshmallow Kid plans to be a confectioner when he grows up. I can’t say I love that his passion is CANDY but whatever, you follow your passion, your true love… the SUGAR!

So of course, when The MAME Man started playing Obiwan with a 3 foot stalk of Sugar Cane at the groceries store the other day, I had to buy it. (Why do boys always play swords with long tubes? Why isn’t it baseball or golf sometimes?)


I don’t even know what I spent on it, but I think it was cheap like $3.00 or so. I also had NO IDEA what to do with it so The Marshmallow Kid could suckle it’s sweet sweet nectar.

YAY FOR GOOGLE! The Marshmallow Kid used the ole’ internet, suppository of all knowledge, good and bad, and sourced 3 or 4 sites that all said “Skin it and chew it” so we did.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, because the outer layers are really hard. I dang near sliced myself when I was obsessively NOT letting The Marshmallow Kid touch the knife (I admit I need to work on letting him do stuff, but not THIS time)

It was really good. Chewing the pulp tasted like an unflavored Koolaid might. (Sugar in water is NOT as good,  ironic?) Anyway, you had to spit out the pulp which was surprisingly like wood would be expected to feel like.

I bet they use sugar cane fibers for paper or fabric or something once they take the sugar out of it. -And if not, they should 😉

Anyway, now the whole family is dying to try Sugar Beets to compare and contrast the flavors and textures of the sweet sugary goodness.

As always, Have a GREAT DAY, and be good to yourselves and each-other!


After looking at the title of this post, the song by The Archies took over my mind. I’m sharing 😉


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