Canim Falls is AMAZING!

I wrote a while ago about Mahood Falls, which are pretty nice, fairly tall, and are an easy hike from the parking area that serves both Mahood and Canim falls. This time I’m sharing an even more picturesque waterfall.

I owe a huge thanks to a young couple and their two adorable kids who just kindof appeared in front of us as we walked the 1KM trail. They told us how to get to the bottom, so of course, we went! This is a panoramic shot of the main part of Canim Falls.

DSC07035Here’s a video for those of you who won’t be able to visit in person. 🙂

On this trip, the water level was pretty low on one side, it also kinda pooled up so the water falling was warm! It was awesome and the MAME Man and I got soaked. Here’s what it looked like August 2013.


After we got a good close look under the waterfall, we went back up the trail and got a few more great photos.


Yes, we were standing on that rock pile… it’s WAY BIGGER than it looks.

And then I did a naughty thing and went around the fence.


At this point the water is pooled above the drop, about 3 feet deep, and slow moving. It doesn’t show in the picture very well, but it’s a very romantic looking spot. I hope to visit again someday soon.

Have a Great Day!



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