Zombie Patrol

Zombie Patrol… WHAT!?!

I can’t believe my eyes! What is that coming up behind me on the Malahat Highway?


Seriously, everyone knows I love all things Zombie so when I was on holidays last week and saw this coming up behind us I just about died with glee! I just had to get some pictures to show with you all. I don’t know who owns this awesome little patrol car but props dude! Even the back of this rig is fun as hell!


My father-in-law passed this dude, just so that I could take pictures of the car while he passed us on his way to keep the streets safe from all things undead. It’s not even Halloween, and I’m in Grinning Empress Momentary Heaven!


Hey Everyone, Be Good to Each-Other, and Have a Great Night!


3 thoughts on “Zombie Patrol

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