1 130 Year Old Book, 3 Perspectiv3s

I was desperately looking for something for my 3 perspectiv3s post this week and finding NOTHING. Until I literally refocused and spotted this book on my shelf. It’s an old family heirloom of the MAME Man’s. So without further ado… “The Annual Cyclopaedia” 1885 Volume X.

A Trove of Knowledge!  (From 1885)

A Trove of Knowledge!
(From 1885)

I was happy to have chosen this book today because the cover has a special “Feel” to it. It’s smooth, and you get a sense of how many people have actually held it in their hands. It’s a pretty heavy book too, and not just because of the topics covered in the pages.

DSC00804It’s obviously been water damaged in the past, but it’s dry where we keep this book and its cousins from a few years before and after this one. I find it amusing to flip through the pages every so often, there is a whole section on “Musical Instruments: Automatic” that discusses how player pianos (and other instruments) actually work (With Diagrams!)


I love books displayed this way!

I took this picture because I love the way books look when displayed this way. 🙂

DSC00803And just for today I will give you a sneak peek at what I found when I flipped the pages randomly today. I was a railroad brat when I grew up so this paragraph really jumped out at me.


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