Don Neufeld AKA DonebyDon

I’d like to introduce you to this week’s Grinning Empress Suggests. Don Neufeld of Prince George, BC is a self-trained photographer who has some stunning pictures, and more than one good story to tell.


I love that you see the main building at the Railroad Museum reflected in the window of the Penny Station.

I asked Don what inspires him and if he has ever entered any contests:

The very first time I picked up a camera and took a picture I knew it’s what I wanted to do. I’ve had some photos printed in some publications but never any awards. I don’t enter photo contests. I believe photography is too subjective to be fairly judged.”

I once had the opportunity to do Black & White prints on a darkroom set-up made out of an old bread box and a tobacco tin. As a result, one of my favorite questions for any photographer is “What kind of experience do you have in the darkroom or are you strictly digital?”

I liked working in the darkroom almost as much as shooting. It’s a world of it’s own. These days I spend just as much time editing photos on a computer as i do shooting.


Love chrome and glass contrasting with the old paint and rust

In addition to digital retouching, Don has done some photo restoration, one story brought actual goosebumps to my arms,

My grandfather passed away when my mom was quite young and she didn’t have any pictures of her parents together. I managed to take two different pics and put them together. Looked real.

Don enjoys wildlife photography, old cars and trucks, and has a knack for flowing water. This shot caught my eye, I thought it was a lava field but it’s the way the light hits the fallen leaves that gives it that amazing look.

1512810_891367417593118_1512200628105221937_nDon has kindly offered to donate 10% of all proceeds from sales of his photographs from his website to “Charity of the Month” which for February was Heart & Stroke Foundation. Nice job Don!

On his website Don also offers to teach aspiring photographers. Go check his site out for more detail.


I love the glass bricks.

This last picture really speaks to me, as the shot is of a building that I spent a great deal of time at. It used to be the Urban Coffeehouse in the 90s. I always loved the glass brick curves, and I think Don has captured the building very well.

He’s shared photos on his Facebook site DonebyDon, on his website at Dons Photo Services You can also email him at or phone (250)- 301-9962


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