Another Gratitude Project: Day 1

So there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Gratitude Projects, I Googled them to see if I could find the one that best fits how I want to do mine.

There were too many so I’m making up my own.

I’m going to post 3 things that I’m grateful for every day. I did this once on my personal Facebook page for almost a year. Having to think of 3 things can force you to really dig hard to find things to be thankful for when you’re having a bad day.


I also have the magic of pre-dating posts so sometimes I will “cheat” and set up more than one post in a day, to cover days I might be working or away.

Today is Day 1.

1: I am grateful for the wonder that is the internet that allows me to share this project with all of you out there reading this.

2: I am equally amazed and thankful for the invention of the cellphone. It astonishes me how useful and multi-tooled they can be.

3: Oxygen.

Have a Great Day!


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