Medusa Makeup Tutorials


Rule 1, If you’re going to do make-up the way I did you have to fully commit to your costume.

Rule 2, Don’t get mad if your skin retains color for a week, this is exactly how I did my costume one year.

But First:

I confess to cheating with the hair, I had my fantastic hairdresser Teresa from A Cut Beyond dye my hair green, blue and purple.

She then added 33 snakes of varying sizes all over my head with my hair strategically curled here and there.

11262305_10152976260887060_8163301840894393311_nSo I dyed my skin green from scalp to toes, I really could have skipped belly and back, but thought “Eh, why not?”

I then applied regular everyday makeup in an exaggerated way that put emphasis on the green around my eyes and mouth.

I even mixed eyeshadow with lipstick to make those extremely dark green lips. The cool thing is that the lipstick stayed all night!

So then to make the scales I took out my kids crayola markers. I did my face and let the MAME Man draw on the rest.

I even had him scale my leg so that the flaps of the dress I wore would show more scales when I danced.

That’s all folks, Be Good to each other and Have a great day!


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