Bone Collector Game

Bone Collector Game (Otherwise known as “Skeleton Search”)

I have a party coming up with as many as 100 people attending. I have lots of fun and games planned, and this is one of them…

You Will Need:


2 cheap skeleton decorations with detachable bones (Mine had 10 pieces not including the skull and torso) and

2 colors of spray paint, you choose, I liked Black and Hammered Steel. Spray paint both skeletons and separate the bones. LOL… Let them dry first!

Audience/Group participation


How to play:

In advance, hide all the pieces from the skeleton except the skull and torso,


Split the room into two groups, Ask for a volunteer from each group to be the  “Bone Collector”

Give each Bone Collector a torso/skull combo, and make sure everyone on their team know who they are.

Everyone in the group looks for their own color of bones and brings it to the Bone Collector.

The first team with a complete skeleton wins! Everyone on that side of the room gets a little prize! (CANDY BONES OF COURSE!)


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