Jack O’ Lanterns How To

I made really big Jack O’ Lanterns

DSC01724How do you do it? It’s EASY!

First Brew up a batch of Paper Mache paste. So… how do you make THAT? It’s EASY!

2 cups cold water, 1/3 cup flour, mix in a saucepan, over medium heat until it just boils,

remove from heat and let cool, you will be applying this with your hands.

Step 1, find and inflate a yoga ball, I used 2 sizes, 65cm and 75cm.

DSC01689(I tried using rope to make indents like a real pumpkin, but that was a big fail, it’s hard to do with yoga balls)

Next rip a phone book apart into little strips if you want to show detail, I have even used shredded paper before for a really tiny project.DSC01690If you want a really smooth finish use tissue paper instead, for some reason it’s way smoother.

For the Jack O’ Lantern project I made BIG strips, in fact I only tore the pages in half because I wanted a rougher finish.DSC01692You will want your final layer to be a white paper, because it makes painting easier.

I wanted an authentic looking “vine” coming out out the smaller balls top, so I taped a toilet paper roll onto the top and squished it until I liked the basic shape, then I got a paper towel out and wrapped it all around it and up then twisted the end to trail the vine off. It was rough just like a real vine! (of course, I forgot to photograph it)

DSC01694I wanted to let a tiny bit of the phone book to show through so I only used 1 layer of white computer paper as my final layer.DSC01706

I also used 1 layer of white as the first layer on the larger ball, this one will reflect light better than the one I did using phone book as the base layer.

DSC01715NEXT, Carve it and Paint! I used a serrated steak knife to cut through all the layers in order to get a clean cut, scissors just weren’t easy to control.

DSC01716I didn’t really want the mouth this way but you have to commit once you drive the knife in.

DSC01720Yay Paint! You can look really hard to see the brown vine on the smaller one, I used brown and green to look as real as possible,

and I had done stripes of red underneath all the orange paint to simulate the indents on real pumpkins.

Finally, add a light inside them!



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