Costumes 2015

Costumes 2015

The MAME Man and I are big Halloween Fans and this year we celebrated our 15th anniversary.

12196252_10153184190477060_4907587431660620019_nThe combo meant it had to be time for a really big party!

We went to Prince George and I got my hair done at Hair Affair 778 415 HAIR (4247)

12189804_10153183883732060_8202212410586241751_nThe biggest challenge we faced is that my hair is usually so flat and straight, we crimped and curled and sprayed a cloud of hairspray into the hair,

but the end product was totally worth it.

12187672_10153187633247060_5626899428729141954_nIt had the classic Bride of Frankenstein waves, and was so big I had a hard time getting into the car without bumping the hair.

Then The MAME Man and I zipped up to MP Make-up Artistry, Prince George

12190017_10153185047837060_3742843383504964538_nMandy is such an interesting lady, I can’t wait to sit at her makeup chair again!

12141522_10156243139140078_2898734093667867396_nThe MAME Man as Steampunk Frankenstein!

This is the finished product!

11219531_10156243138475078_5935709790636322523_nThe final look for both of us…




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