Another Gratitude Project: Day 126

Today is Day 126!

I’m Grateful for:

1: Friday the 13th was yesterday and after school The Marshmallow Kid and I watched the classic 80s Friday the 13th Movie together. I forgot how campy (yes I went there) the show was and we had great discussions about cinematography, lighting, suspense music, and even how you can be scarier if you DONT show all the gore, just hint at it.

2: I survived another teenage daughter birthday party last night. It was the first time The Cheeky Princess was totally in charge of the party planning, invitations, decorations, food and she did a fantastic job. Her friends all seemed to enjoy themselves and were all really good polite group, I think she’s gonna do great next year too.

3: Quirky dollar store items like this drain plug.


Have A Great Day!


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