Typing Test


I’m a chronic nail-biter. I have however, managed to go 3 whole weeks now not chewing.

This is huge, and I’m experiencing some weird results related to the length of my unchewed nails.

DSC01996I’m not great at painting nails yet 🙂

I scratched myself hard enough to leave a mark when I got an itch yesterday, and I feel like the typing is slower and less accurate.

–> I had to test this out, my accuracy was 100% and my final speed on a 1 minute test was 43 WPM.<–

–> I AM SLOWER! But only by a little bit, my usual average is more like 46 WPM. <–


I want a Manicure now that I can!

UPDATE: My typing speed is still 43 WPM, and my nails are even longer than before.

I am very proud of myself for NOT chewing them off.

UPDATE: I chewed them all off, right to the quick, my fingers feel hurt and naked. I’m sad about my lapse.

I will focus on starting all over again tomorrow.


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