Lash N’ Nails

Hello Grinning Empress Fans!

 Today I’m doing a testimonial… Oh hell, call it my opinion because that’s what it really is.

Eyelash Extensions! They’re awesome, and I had my first appointment with

Crystal from Lash N’ Nails in Fraser Lake was on May 18th.

I got a full set of lashes done in 3 hours. No picture 😦

I went to my first fill today, adding blue and purple lashes to the basic ones.


I’m supremely satisfied, because she made me feel comfortable the day she did my set, and made sure I was just as comfortable today. She made sure there were extra pillows, my head wasn’t too low, and the atmosphere was fresh and clean. Crystal was really attentive too. I started to feel thirsty, suddenly she’s got a straw for me to drink a coke with!

As for the actual Eyelash Extensions, I love them! I can’t believe how easy they are to care for, and they look fabulous for weeks, especially if you go in for fills every 2-3 weeks!


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