Under New Management

Hello my loyal followers! Or should I say my mother’s loyal followers?

I know that grinningempress .com has been pretty dead for a while. As I, Mercedes Settle could not stand for this, I took the initiative  to become the new administrator and lead author to The Grinning Empress. I did this for multiple reasons:

-I love artwork

-I wanted to continue my mother’s dream

-I couldn’t let such a great site go to waste

Yet I understand that this is a very big change. With this in mind, I am willing to put almost all my time outside of high school into blogging and reading into webdesign. On one Final note, I’d like to announce that on May 1st a poll will be held to determine if I should stay the head admin of this site. If less than 50 percent are happy about the “hand off,” full ownership will be returned to Danielle.


If you have any questions, leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you on them ASAP.


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