PUFF Entertainment and The Crystal Bowl


P.U.F.F. Entertainment is a family-founded company which organizes many events: weddings, parties, raves, festivals, etc. P.U.F.F. itself stands for Peace, Unity, Family, and Friends. Naomi, one of the founders, laughs in her interview, “We aren’t actually promoting weed or marijuana or anything like that. We chose this name because it catches people’s attention.”

P.U.F.F. Entertainment is organized mostly by Naomi Reynolds, and her son, Nathan.  After spending an afternoon with the two of them I’ve concluded that they are slightly eccentric and very outgoing people who are very fun to be around. They certainly have the personalities and determination to make a company like this succeed.IMG_20170408_123435

Naomi Reynolds with Danielle Settle, the original Grinning Empress

Nathan and Naomi started P.U.F.F last June. Considering the short span of time that has passed since it’s founding, P.U.F.F. has earned tremendous success. Naomi and Nathan already hosted the first Crystal Bowl last winter and have announced the next one to be on Friday, June 24th 2017.


Photograph taken at the last Crystal Bowl Event

The Crystal Bowl is a festival in Sun Peaks. The tickets cost $20 each and there is free camping with each ticket. While the sun is up, the festival is open to all ages, but Naomi has stressed the fact that she doesn’t want any young children or infants after dark. Especially not unaccompanied by adults.


Map to Sun Peaks

I am excited to say that I will make a follow-up report on this event. It has been confirmed that Tom Price, Myrtle Music, and Conniver, and at least 8 other performers will be part of the daytime act.  As for nighttime, a large selection of local DJ’s will be included at the event. I am glad to say I will be there, and it would be great to see you loyal followers there too!


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