Make It Good

Life just feels better to you and everyone around you if you take the time to take care of each-other. Random acts of kindness, Paying it Forward, Free Hugs… They’re all ideas based on just being good to people around you. I have been on the giving and receiving side of many of these acts of social graciousness and generosity and I love to share a good story.

I welcome people to share their own Pay it Forwards, Random Acts of Kindness, or Free Hug giveaways in the comments sections.

As always, Enjoy, Be Good to Each-Other, and Have a Great Day!


Thank You Guy!: I had been having a rough day and it was only 9AM. I woke up sick but needed to attend to an obligation. I also grabbed a few groceries that were needed and ice cream, because it was already 27 outside and climbing. Then I locked my keys in the trunk. This guy in his truck next to me saw my frustration and offered me a ride home to get the spares. He saved the day for me. Thanks Random Dude, I WILL pay it forward when I get the chance 🙂


Cinderella Programs: If you don’t know already, the Cinderella program sets up underprivileged graduating students with appropriate and beautiful gowns etc. for free! I am donating the following items for this years graduation. Hopefully I can give more next year 😉



PAID IN POTATOS: My pay it forward is I took 5 gallons of home grown potatoes to some people who were having financial problems. -RM, Friend of G.E.


IT SNOW EASY TO HELP OUT:  Today I shoveled the sidewalks for both my neighbours. There is an elderly couple who simply can’t do it, and I believe the others are away or not able to do it today. The snow is wet and very heavy today so I hope it helped them out a little bit. Happy holidays everyone!! – J.K. -Friend of G.E.


HALLOWEEN HAPPINESS: I had a bunch of leftover Halloween Candy because a friend of mine paid for everything for Halloween this year (SHOUT OUT FRIEND… YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)  With silly grins plastered on our faces my best buddy and I jumped in the truck and drove around tossing candy to random teens. No more candy, but lots of happy teenagers!


CIRCULAR KINDNESS: I was selling tickets for a lotto for my class for the big fundraiser of the year. Had not yet sold even one. I distracted myself from utter failure, by looking at a table, then whipping out the old cell phone, and took a picture to show to my MAME Man to see if I could squeeze some dollars out of stone. “Oh, you have one of those cell phones! Will you please phone me? I think my phone has turned off the ringer somehow.”

Sure enough, the phone was not ringing on her end. I noticed it was on Airplane Mode, and after a few minutes of fiddling with this perfect strangers phone I had it. After taking the time to make sure she knew how to turn of Airplane Mode in the future, because of course, phones have an uncanny knack for resetting themselves, I was about to leave. “Just wait, I want to buy 2 tickets for your draw, I noticed you haven’t sold any yet” AWE… What a sweet lady!


THANKSGIVING THOUGHTFULNESS: I was on my way home on Thanksgiving Monday this year, after a long drive I still needed groceries. As I was unloading it all into the car,  a young man smiled at me. “Have a happy Thanksgiving! I’m Thankful for my dinner tonight!” and  wiggled a couple packs of Mr. Noodles.

Without really thinking about it, I reached over and grabbed a couple oranges and handed them to the man. “Well here, have a bit of dessert and breakfast too” And we both went back to our lives.

I got in the van, and my husband and kids were staring at me. “That was so nice Mom! Did you know that guy?” said my oldest. “No, I just thought if he was thankful for his noodles, maybe he could use some fruit too”

Not even trying, taught my kids a lesson in kindness? MOM WIN! 🙂


VAN-HATCH DISCOVERY: It usually drives me nuts when people park too close to the back of my minivan. It makes it almost impossible to open the hatch to load my groceries or millions of tiny hitch-hiking grains of sand into the back and I often have to hop in, pull forward a couple feet and continue.

This was NOT the case at a shopping mall a couple years back. I got to my spot, prepared to leave my stuff and go move Bessie when I realized that the shiny black SUV parked right behind me had actually left some room. WOW! So being the obnoxiously sweet person that I am, I decided to leave a Thank You note on their windshield. (I KNOW- first thing everyone thinks when they see a note on their window is BAD NEWS- I want to change that)

I was just about done writing when the owner showed up, I felt kinda silly when I handed her the note, and just said “Thank you, it’s really nice to be able to get the hatch open” Suddenly, she says “HEY, aren’t you The Grinning Empress?” and I was like “Why, yes I am!” (OK, she used my REAL name and I was freaked out for a moment,) but I did say “Why, yes I am. Forgive me but I don’t remember you?” — Turns out she was an acquaintance from College in the 90’s. You never know how you will connect with someone based on a small random act of kindness. 🙂


Tell The Grinning Empress what YOU think!

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